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Today I’m sharing a simple quarantine haircare routine for you. The truth is that for many people, this is the first time they’ve had to manage their own hair in a long time. You’ve probably gotten accustomed to your bi-weekly salon appointment and are wondering where to begin now that we are at home. I’ve seen countless memes of how we will look post-lockdown and I don’t want that for you.

It can work for all hair types and textures. It will also be beneficial for those with relaxed or texlaxed hair.

Below are a few recommendations for products to use in case you don’t have any on hand. Majority of them are Kenyan brands. Now more than ever, we need to support local businesses so I encourage all of you to #BuyKenyaBuildKenya. Some of the mentions will be international brands for those who may not have access to Kenyan products right now. The estimated prices are in brackets (I noticed that there are some hikes in the prices because of Ms.Rona )


For more information about cleansing your hair, check out this detailed post.

Rinse out conditioners

Deep conditioners

Everything you need to know about deep conditioning can be found here.

Leave-in conditioners

Curling creams


  • Sheth naturals and Saru organics both have a wide variety of oils.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, coconut, avocado oil and castor oil can also be purchased at local supermarkets.
  • Amazon link to olive oil ($9)
  • Amazon link to coconut oil ($10)
  • Amazon link to avocado oil ($15)
  • Amazon link to castor oil ($6)


For more information about moisturizing your hair, read this post.

YouTube has several tutorials if you are looking to learn new hairstyles ! If you’d rather spend the least time on your hair possible, then put it in a simple style you already know how to and keep it pushing. Regardless of what you prefer, now is the best time to solidify your hair regimen.

This post was requested by one of you on Instagram. I do hope that you found it helpful! Share it will someone who may be struggling with their hair right now. Leave a comment down below with any questions or requests you have!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple; embrace it, love it and take care of it.

God bless you all.

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Yuanita Khaduri

Thank you so much for the honey and oil tip. This is so informative.

You’re welcome ! 😊

Hey Sharon. Is the Mosara DC protein free? Could you share the ingredients?

Hey! From what I recall , it didn’t have any protein but I’m not sure if they made any formulation changes. I don’t have the DC with me right now . Perhaps you can reach out to them on Instagram or via their website and ask ? I’m sure they’ll help you out 😊

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