Today’s post is a natural hair update which is something I haven’t done in a while. Thanks to Ms.Rona, 2020 was an extremely difficult year for me and for the world as a whole. Ya girl really went through it. I had 99 problems in 2020 and my hair was not going to be one of them. I was either going to cut it, loc it or put it away somehow.


Earlier in the year, I was more hands on with my hair but as the year went by , I sat with and experienced a lot of grief. I just could not get myself to do my hair. And so from November till now, I’ve been getting my hair done professionally. Straightened my hair in November, put it in mini twists for a month then I went to Spritz Hair Studio.

My Spritz Hair Studio experience

For those who don’t know, Spritz is owned by Sheila Ndinda who is one of the OG Kenyan natural hair bloggers.

My hair was done by Nina who is lovely and they took down my twists, detangled my hair, washed & deep conditioned it and installed new mini twists using Saru Organics hair products which you all know I love . P.S: Use “MYKENYANPUFF” for a 10% discount on their website ­čśë

All this was done in around 4 hours and amounted to KES 5000 in total. It was a lovely experience and I would highly recommend the salon. I actually had those twists in for a month (07/12/20-07/01/21), had my hair out for a week and went back to Spritz to install the mini twists I am currently rocking.

Do you genuinely care about your hair?

In December, I made an Instagram post talking about how your hair journey is personal I actually wrote this point to remind you that you are not your hair. If you really think about it, why do you care about how your hair looks (if you do care)? A lot of it is rooted in societal beauty standards that don’t matter. I know sometimes for school or work , there’s a way your hair should look and that’s a whole discussion in and of itself but I want you to honestly ask yourself if you do care about your hair, and if yes, why?

Our natural hair can be so many things to us: a self care outlet, a political statement , an artform or simply an appendage that in the grand scheme of things is easily the least important part of our body. It got me thinking, can I confidently say ‘I am not my hair’? Given that my entire platform was founded on haircare. I take care of my hair and talk about it because it is a passion of mine. Doing my hair (when I’m in the right state of mind) is therapeutic for me. I like helping other people manage their hair better, if I can. And more importantly, embrace it. But, how my hair looks, short or long, black or red, free or twisted.. it doesn’t really matter.

I am not my hair, i am free

I am not my hair and that’s such a freeing thought. Once I detached myself from it being a part of image;

  • I was able to create a hair routine that works for my lifestyle and not the other way round.
  • I stopped caring too much about what other people think about how my hair looks.
  • I go with the flow when it comes to my hair journey.

For now, I’m a salon going natural (if that’s even a thing), until I’m not. I’m rocking mini twists for the most part. I like to think of it as me having locs without the commitment .I will continue to talk about my hair and share my experience but I wanted you guys to know where it comes from and what I think about it all.

Let me know what your thoughts are and how you approach your hair journey in the comments down below.

i am not my hair, a hair update

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