In today’s post , I will cover what a prepoo is , its benefits and how to go about it ! If you’ve been wondering what it’s all about then keep reading .

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Today’s discussion is all about pre-pooing. The first time I heard this name, it made me chuckle a little. The natural hair community has a number of technical terms but the principles behind them are very simple.  

So, what is pre-pooing? 

Pre-poo in full is a pre-shampoo. This is a treatment given to hair prior to the shampoo and conditioning process. 

What are the benefits of pre-pooing ?

  • It prevents your hair from drying up too much during the shampooing process. 

Most shampoos especially those with sulfates have a harsh stripping effect on the hair. They strip hair of its natural oil and moisture, leaving the hair dry and brittle. Pre-pooing forms a protective barrier to the hair from this harsh stripping effect. It aids in the detangling process. 

  • A pre-poo gives your hair more slip, thus you are able to detangle your hair easily prior to the shampoo and conditioning process. 

 Slip refers to how lubricious the product makes your hair feel after applying. 
The slipperier the product, the easier it is to run your fingers, a wide-tooth comb, or brush through your mane .

Naturally Curly
  • It prevents hygral fatigue

Hygral fatigue is simply the weakening of the hair shaft due to excessive moisture entering and exiting the hair shaft. When your hair is wet, the shaft expands with moisture to accommodate the water and as it dries, it contracts. This continuous expanding and contracting of the hair shaft leads to what is called hygral fatigue. 
In the long run, hygral fatigue may lead to split ends and breakage of hair.

We still need moisture in our hair and this is where pre-poo comes in . It enables us to condition our hair safely without getting hygral fatigue.

Some oils are proven to help deal with hygral fatigue. Coconut oil in particular is known for this.

Polar oils are able to bind to proteins in the hair shaft meaning that fewer water molecules can bind to the hair and so less swelling occurs. Coconut oil has been proven to protect against hygral fatigue by preventing swelling.


How to pre-poo 

In the past, I found that one can either use an oil or a conditioner . However, after doing more research and experimentation on my own hair, I have found that using an oil is more effective and beneficial than using a conditioner. Feel free to compare the two methods for yourself and you will notice the difference. 

I have demonstrated prepooing using an oil and conditioner mix in my old wash day routine video. I have also shown how I prepoo using coconut oil . The latter is my current pre-poo routine.

Here’s a quick summary of how to go about it :

  1. Divide your hair into sections (it’s up to you how many you choose). 
  2. Apply the oil generously.
  3. Put a shower cap over your head. 
  4. Leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour or overnight if possible. 
  5. After your time is up, continue with your shampoo and conditioning process as usual .

What do you use for pre-poo? 

As aforementioned, oils have proven to be the most beneficial.

Coconut oil , avocado oil and olive oil are the most popular options because of cost,availability and proven benefits.  

Some people add honey (for a moisture boost), essential oils for extra scalp stimulation and ayurvedic herbs for a more potent prepoo concoction. I will be sharing some DIY recipes in the future to spice up your prepoo routine. However, keeping it simple and using just an oil is enough !  

Truthfully, I skip this step sometimes . However, after three years of doing it 90% of the time, it has changed how my hair looks and feels for the better.

Do you prepoo on a regular basis? What is your go-to prepoo recipe? Let me know in the comments below. 

I hope you found this post informative ! Thank you so much for stopping by. 

“Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple; embrace it, love it and take care of it.” 

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