My name is Sharon Malonza. Whenever I come across anything I find remotely interesting, exciting or unique, my first impulse is to share it with someone.

After discovering the world of natural hair, I created my Youtube Channel and Instagram page under the name “MyKenyanPuff” in 2015 as a space for me to share everything I was learning with the world.

Over time, that passion has developed to include all things health and wellness.

I consider myself an experimenter not an expert (at least not yet) and this platform allows to me share all my experiences in real time.

What you will get from this platform is science backed principles on beauty and wellness.  You will become a part of my journey to live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, one habit at a time.

This is your hub for detailed and informative posts on haircare, skincare, health, wellness and lifestyle design.

I am eternally grateful for the growing community of people, like yourself, who I get to interact with and learn from on a daily basis.

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‘Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple; embrace it, love it and take care of it.’

God bless you.

“I’ve come to think that flourishing consists of putting yourself in situations in which you lose self-consciousness and become fused with other people, experiences, or tasks. It happens sometimes when you are lost in a hard challenge, or when an artist or a craftsman becomes one with the brush or the tool. It happens sometimes while you’re playing sports, or listening to music or lost in a story, or to some people when they feel enveloped by God’s love. And it happens most when we connect with other people. I’ve come to think that happiness isn’t really produced by conscious accomplishments. Happiness is a measure of how thickly the unconscious parts of our minds are intertwined with other people and with activities. Happiness is determined by how much information and affection flows through us covertly every day and year.”
― David Brooks