Since I decided to take my body care routine seriously in 2020, I have been exploring new products with each product empty. I discovered Rituals during a random window shopping trip earlier this year. I signed up for their membership and got a free sample of The Ritual of Sakura body foam (white bottle) as a gift. I later bought a full-sized The Ritual of Mehr bottle (orange bottle) and got this one (The Ritual of Samurai) as a free gift.


This deep woody scent is probably my favourite so far, closely followed by the Sakura then the Mehr. The Sakura has fresh floral notes while The Mehr is described as a mix of sweet orange and cedar on their website. Orange isn’t a scent I would gravitate to but my sister really enjoyed this one.


Honestly, there’s nothing special about the ingredients in this foam. It is alcohol, paraben and silicon-free with several fragrance ingredients. As someone with allergic rhinitis, this body wash hasn’t irritated me despite having a long list of potential allergens.
If your skin or your nose is particularly sensitive to fragrance, I would proceed with caution.


A full sized bottle is 200ml and comes in this minimalistic foam pump that works perfectly!


The gel transforms into a silky foam that feels so luxurious against my skin. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry as most foaming cleansers often do.


The brand is a certified B-corp company which means that it has undergone rigorous vetting and demonstrates a high standard of social and environmental performance. On their website, they demonstrate intention to prioritise sustainable practices such as reducing their carbon emissions and encouraging refills to reduce packaging waste.


A full sized (200ml) bottle retails at £10. A little goes a long way so it can last anywhere from 5-7 weeks. I think it’s definitely worth it!

Overall rating

Given that it doesn’t have any active ingredients that would be beneficial to my skin, I would give it a 4 out of 5. I would definitely repurchase it as my day to day foam and then having a different skincare product with active ingredients.

Have you heard of or used this brand before? Share your thoughts down below.

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