The microloc journey continues. This 2 month microloc update includes discussions around struggling ponytails, my first solo microloc washday and my second retie.

Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple; embrace it, love it and take care of it.”

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Hi Sharon,
I really love your hair journey especially now with the Locs because I am seriously considering doing them. I am also a Kenyan currently in the UK (I met you in a natural hair event back in Kenya at Ngong racecourse in 2017 and I loved listening to you talk about hair been following you since then). I also know I want my Locs done in Kenya. I had my heart set on Christine but I have loved the work and grid that Caren did on your hair. Will definitely also consider them. I need to find like a good period of time I’m back in Kenya for that. Been looking at the sisterlocs directory for leads on locticians near me in London. I hope it’s okay to reach out for more help on this or for recommendations. Will continue following closely.
A quick question: would you recommend the first retie to be done by the loctician who did the installation or would changing to one in the UK also suffice? I know your first retie was in Kenya.
Apologies for the super long comment🫣🫣

I love long comments so don’t apologise 🙂
I trust both Christine & Caren so honestly, would recommend whoever is available when you are back in Kenya.

Oh wow. That was quite a while back. Thank you for sticking around 🤗

I do not live in London so cannot help much with loctitian recommendations. I’d suggest that you reach out to a few before you even get your locs because some might not be taking on new clients or might prefer to work with clients who got their installs done by them as well. Secure a stylist in the UK and get their rates so that you don’t scramble about when it’s time for your retie.

As for the first retie, I honestly did my retie in Nairobi because I was still there when I was due. So it’s more of a schedule thing than a preference.

Just make sure that whoever installs your locs tells you what rotation they used because you’ll need to tell the other stylist to maintain it the same way!

I hope that helps 😊

Do let me know if/when you get your microlocs 😍 send a pic via DM/ email!

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