In today’s post, I will be reviewing The Ordinary’s squalane.


This product comes in a dark glass dropper bottle. This is the ideal packaging for oils and serums to prevent oxidation.


The oil costs $10 if you purchase it from the Deciem website.

I bought it locally for KES 1600.

A little goes a long way with this product so it has lasted me really long.


It is fragrance free. Major win for me!


It has a light oil-like consistency. It melts into the skin very easily without making it greasy.


Squalane is found naturally in the skin. It is non-comedogenic and can work well for all skin types.

It is a great emollient so it will prevent loss of hydration from your skin.

The Ordinary adds that it can be applied to the hair to add shine, reduce breakage and increase heat protection. I haven’t used it on my hair so I cannot speak to that.

Fungal acne safety

Squalane is F.A safe so it is unlikely to trigger a fungal acne flare up. This has made it a clutch product to have in my skincare routine.


I have been using this oil in two ways:

First cleanser

Most oil cleansers are not fungal acne safe. This is one of the few oils I can use as a first cleanser. I use it to breakdown eye makeup and lip products whenever necessary.

Moisturizer boost

I have tried a couple of fungal acne safe moisturizers in the past year (reviews coming soon). Many of them don’t feel as rich or complete on their own. Adding a few drops of squalane to them has helped boost their emollient properties.


DECIEM has a recycling program for all their beauty products. They also have a step by step guide on how to dispose the packaging.

The great thing about glass dropper bottles is that they can be cleaned and reused in creative ways.

Final thoughts

I have no complaints about this product.

Has it been life changing?

Not really . However, it is great to know that there’s an oil I can use in my routine.

Would I repurchase it?

Not immediately. I want to use a first cleanser that emulsifies(lathers) and find a moisturizer that feels complete on its own. That way, I won’t need this extra product.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5.

For those of you who have fungal acne, consider swapping out other oils (ingredients and products) with squalane.

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