This is around the time when I usually give up on my health and fitness goals. I cannot believe that I have consistently worked out for 3 months. That alone is a big win in my books! It’s felt like 9 steps backwards for every 10 steps forward. But guess what ? That’s 1 net step forward! I’ll take it.

This post won’t be a long one because I am only halfway through the program I mentioned in my April update. I will give a full review when the eight weeks are up. Let’s get right into it then.


I should have done 12 workouts in the month of May. After constant negotiations between my mind and body , I managed to do 10. Not too shabby, right? The workouts take me around 30 minutes to complete which is perfect. They weren’t easy though but a good workout playlist and fitness buddy got me through it .


Let me tell you Maina, food will quite literally be the death of me. What is a Self Control? Who is Discipline? Because I am not yet acquainted with them. Yes, I’ve been drinking a lot of water and eating fruits & vegetables. However, I’ve also had my unfair share of fries, Rum N’ Raisin chocolate and heavily buttered popcorn. The program has a very clear nutrition guide but I forgot how to read when I got to that section. Lol.

All jokes aside, this is where the work is. I find it crazy how exercise and food make up such a small part of our day lives yet perfecting them can be a recurring New Years’ Resolution. There has to be a point when choose healthy food by default at least 80% of the time. 

The one fear I have that doubles as ‘motivation’ is that I cannot imagine this being my resolution in 2021. I’ve rejected it wholeheartedly. 

So, What am I doing about it?


I’m not skipping any workouts this month (#ScoutsHonour). I know I can do this.


I’ve made a menu that I am working with. The more automated my food decisions are, the better they are.

80%. That’s my aim. To make healthy food choices 80% of the time. What does that look like ? 

  • More complex and fibrous carbs instead of simple carbs.
  • Less processed sugar in all its forms.
  • Simple carbs primarily from fruits.

I know it’s only a matter of Discipline. I am going to meet her and we are going to be best friends FOR LIFE.

How are you doing?

It’s the sixth month of the year. It’s not ‘new’ anymore but we’ve still got 6 months. A lot can change in that time. 

How are you taking care of your bodies? Yoga? Stretching? Walks? Smoothies? More water? Salads? 

Tell me ONE thing you’ve done in May for your physical health. Thereafter, throw in one thing you’ll do in June.

I hope you are also taking care of your minds and hearts as best as you can.

Social media has been overwhelming for me this past month. Lots of bad news my mind cannot handle all at once. That’s why I’m taking a break from it this month. I will be seeing you right here every Saturday though !

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple; embrace it, love it and take care of it.’

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