I got through the 30 day hair detox in one piece. Make sure to check out my initial thoughts plus week 1, week 2 and week 3 of my experience.

Notes from week 4

Braid outs vs twist outs

On this week, I did a braidout using the leave in conditioner and a mousse.

I wanted to see if my hair looked and felt different with a leave in conditioner. The Saru leave in conditioner is a staple and meets the detox criteria (no oils or butters in the first five ingredients)

Doing 14 chunky braids took me 45 minutes. This is about the same time it took to do 20-25 chunky twists.

I think chunky twists are more wearable than chunky braids but braids give me a better stretch and I prefer the look of a chunky braid out to a chunky twist out.

How does my scalp feel?

I was not oiling my scalp prior to this challenge. I only applied onion juice and shampoo to my scalp.

Therefore, the challenge did not have any drastic impact on my scalp.

I’ve seen people who have been on the #30dayhairdetox long term mention that your sebum levels improve over time. Your scalp might initially be drier because it was accustomed to being oiled or greased.

How long should you do the detox?

I don’t think one wash day or even one month on the detox is long enough to make your conclusions on it.

This is why I continued the detox past the 30 days and I am giving it three months instead.

If you still have any questions, drop them down below so that I can address them in my conclusive video on this routine/method.

“Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple; embrace it, love it and take care of it.”

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hi. could you give examples of oil-free products? especially for someone who is in locs/braids/cornrows most of the time

The products don’t have to be oil free, just oil free for the first 5 ingredients. If you are in protective styles a lot, consider a simple DIY mist/spray with some rosewater and aloe vera juice! I’ve heard that it works well for locs.

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