This post will be full of disclaimers because I have a couple of DIY videos on my channel and just last year, I talked about onion juice. So I don’t want to be hypocritical and say that I have never done or never will DIY. However, I can confidently say that I just don’t stick to DIY and there are couple of reasons for this.

I do my best not to be dogmatic about things because we are learning something new every day that replaces outdated information so I will remain open to changing my mind on this.

Why I think DIY is popular

Before I address, why I don’t DIY often, I think we should go over why it is so popular:

It is cheap

Truthfully, it saves people a ton to buy raw materials like oils, aloe vera, powders in bulk and then do your DIY in small portions.

It is “safe”

There is this “organic” or “clean” obsession in the beauty community. which I have brought up before. The idea is that “chemicals” are bad for you and they are found in store-bought products. DIY promises a “safe” alternative where you know everything that is going onto your skin and scalp because you mixed it together yourself.

It’s fun

It’s fun.. for some people. DIY is a hobby. There’s a joy in making your own stuff and finding communities that enjoy that too.

It is sustainable

DIY offers more options for sustainable living. Most eco-friendly beauty routines I have found involve repurposing and making your own products in one way or another.

Nothing else has worked

Store bought products have let you down. People often turn to DIY when they feel that something is missing. You’ve tried every product in the market and it’s just not doing it for you so you take matters into your own hands.

This is probably not an exhaustive list but I think these are the common reasons.

Why I don’t DIY

I’d rather save time than money

I am more willing to pay someone who has taken their time to formulate a product that works than to try and do it myself. I recognize that this is a huge privilege.

I don’t enjoy DIY

To me, DIY is often messy, time consuming and the rewards are often not that satisfying.

I don’t need to DIY

DIY is often presented as a solution to a problem; a missing piece in one’s routine. I think many people who appear to have “healthy” hair or skin don’t like to admit or examine the possibility that it may be in spite of and not necessarily because of their practices. I don’t think that because your hair is “beautiful”, you are automatically an authority of great hair practices.

I have always acknowledged that genetics plays a role in everything. The issue is not the DIY itself but the way it is sold to people. People should reach for extra steps once the nail down the basics: cleanse-moisturize-protect. Sometimes, the solution can be found in a simple store bought product.

Product formulation is not easy

There is a lot that goes into product formulation like: the proportions, the quality of the ingredients, the form in which the ingredients are safest and most effective, the shelf life. Perhaps, my fear stems from a lack of knowledge. I often imagine, how many ordinary people have the time to fully understand the intricacies of product formulation before they mix something together at home.

DIY is not inherently “safe”

Just because it is “natural” and “organic” doesn’t mean it is automatically good for your hair and skin. My dream is for anyone to be able to pick up a product at the store and comfortably read an ingredient list for any product.. and make an informed decision on whether to use it or not. Not because the cover told you it is free from XYZ or it is 100% organic.

Technique matters just as much as the product itself

You can have the perfect store bought product or DIY product and use it the wrong way. Then you say the product didn’t work for you. Understanding how to use products correctly is as important as the products themselves.

In conclusion, I am not saying I will never DIY. If I had more time on my hands and energy, I would probably try out every hair routine out there(within reason) for the fun of it. I remain a student of life so if I wake up and do a DIY post tomorrow, don’t come for me.

What your thoughts are on DIY beauty? Leave a comment below.

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