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I often forget to share the protective styles I rock . However , I think it would be beneficial to document how my hair responds to them in a detailed fashion .
As you may already know, protective styles are a great way to reduce manipulation and maximize length retention . This is provided that your hair is prepped beforehand and that the style is installed and maintained correctly.

It’s been around 3 years since I rocked box braids . I installed this particular design because it is reminiscent of my childhood. There was a time in primary school when rocking box braids with some cornrows on one side ( usually my left) was my favorite hairstyle!


I got some Pinterest inspo for reference and went  to Urban Hair Studio Salon, Nairobi .My hair was thoroughly detangled then washed and deep conditioned. Thereafter , James ( my hair stylist of over 7 years) lightly blew out my hair in preparation for the braids .


Alice did my braids in 2 hours . 

I used 3 packs of Abuja braids in colour 1/33. She was extremely gentle and they turned out nice and neat.Pictured is my hair 3 weeks later.



I have a go-to protective style care routine which is what I have been doing. 

Recently, my scalp has been particularly dry and flaky so I am testing out the Saru Organics scalp & hairfluence growth stimulant oil to see if it’ll help out . I will share a thorough review after consistent use for at least one month .

 Previously, I rarely oiled my scalp but in the spirit of listening to my hair and experimenting , I’ll give it a shot .

My night time routine is simple: I sleep with a satin scarf tied down at the roots of the braids to minimize fly-aways.

Protective Style Review

Pros :

  • Box braids are very light. 
  • Short time to install.  
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Gentle on the hairline.

Cons :

  • They don’t last very long . I like to keep my styles with extensions in for at least 6 weeks but box braids will give me 4 weeks of neat hair . I also loath when my hair sticks out of the braids along their length ! 
  • This particular look doesn’t have much versatility in terms of styling .  

Overall :

I probably wouldn’t reinstall this style or Abuja box braids in general .I prefer ‘Nyasuba locs’ which I  have done before because they knock out the cons in this list .

Overall style Rating : 3 out of 5

I know box braids are a staple style for many . Do you love box braids ? How has your experience been with them in the past ? Let me know in the comment section down below.
I plan to keep the style for another week then Fluffy will be back in all her glory !

Thanks for stopping by ! Feel free to check out my protective style series for more tips !

Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple; embrace it , love it and take care of it .”

God bless you all ! 

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Thank you for reading Eva ! It’s good to be back 🙂

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