I celebrated my 5th natural hair anniversary on March 3rd. I can’t believe that it’s been 6 years since I relaxed my hair. This post is simply a trip down memory lane.

My last relaxer was in April 2015. I transitioned to natural for a little over ten months then big chopped on March 3rd 2016. I spent most of the time between twist outs and a few protective styles.

In April 2018, I decided to bleach my hair. I rocked my blonde hair for three months before going burgundy. My hair was red for only three business days but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Soon enough, my hair was pinkish. I attempted to go purple using a rinse out conditioner and it worked pretty well.

Sadly, my ends started misbehaving. They didn’t hold onto moisture and were getting thinner and thinner. I grew impatient so in August 2019, I trimmed off most of the dyed ends leaving about an inch of dye all around.

Soon after, I went into faux locs which I rocked until January 2020. Went to the salon and my hair was the happiest it had been in a while. Fluffy has been happy ever since.

My current hair routine involves being in some variation of twists anywhere from two to four weeks at a time, wearing my hair out for up to a week and repeating the cycle. Fluffy is thick and she is a lot to handle when she is unraveled. Keeping my strands clumped together and stretched has been a lifesaver both for my sanity and for Fluffy’s health.

I still love my hair as much as I did when I first went natural. Imagine what another 5 years of this journey will bring!

At what point did you find Fluffy? And how has your personal hair journey been so far?

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“Always remember that your hair is your crown and your body is a temple: embrace it, love it and take care of it.”

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Sindiswa Siobhan Radebe

At what point did you find Fluffy? And how has your personal hair journey been so far?
~Shaz,I started my journey in the month of July 2019. I did a big chop, and I am conducting research to better understand my puff. The natural hair journey is by far good. And I am going to moisturize my hair a bit more cause, I didn’t know that moisturizing has benefits.

Thank you for sharing Sindiswa and good luck on your hair journey ­čÖé

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