In a bid to increase my financial literacy, I read two Kenyan personal finance books: Making Cents and Moneywise.

Making Cents

This book was written by Waceke Nduati Omanga, the owner of Centonomy. Centonomy is a popular platform that teaches Kenyans how to create wealth through a variety of programs. 

I’ve heard great things about it and though I am yet to attend one of their courses , I have tuned into a few of their Facebook Live sessions during this social distancing period . They have been very informative and convinced me to get my hands on her book.

Major takeaways

  • You can be asset rich but cash flow poor.

A good example of this is owning a plot of land in shags ( upcountry) but doing nothing with it to generate income on a regular basis.

  • You can’t wait for money to be who you truly are.  

Money is a useful tool that improves the quality and comfort in our lives . However , if we wait on wealth to make things happen, we will feel limited.

  • The importance of building your own factory over that of others.

Waceke talks about this with regards to employment . She doesn’t push the narrative that self employment is better the employment. However, she encourages the reader to pursue their own streams of revenue .

My Review

It was a good read to give you ideas on how to generate more income. It was not as detailed as I expected but I assume it’s because all their programs and courses are thorough and in-depth resources. 

You can buy the book here for $10/ Kshs 1000:


Let’s talk about Moneywise by Rina Karina Hicks. She is an investment banker and a certified Professional Coach. I came across her YouTube channel last year and found it very illuminating. When I discovered that she had a book, I bought it and read it in one afternoon . 

From the few resources I’ve read so far , none has been as detailed when it comes to investing in Kenya.

Like Making Cents , her examples are great and she has reflection exercises at the end of each chapter .

Major takeaways

  • There is a link between personal values and wealth creation.

Rina takes the reader through an exercise on values and then links this back to their financial journey . This is a good reminder that your financial goals must be in line with your principles and value system.

  • As aforementioned , she explains the principles of investing in Kenya. 

Investing is imperative if your goal is financial independence. Rina breaks it down in a beginner friendly way.

  • She also talks about insurance .

Insurance is such a significant part of wealth building and preservation. It isn’t discussed enough and there are many misconceptions about it,  especially here in Kenya.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. Everything she mentioned was explored thoroughly which I am very grateful for. I’m surprised it’s only 500 Bob! It covers everything from budgeting and saving to debt payoff and investing . It will be a great resource for anyone at any age !

Buy it on Amazon ( $5 for Kindle, $10 for paperback)

Commonalities in both BOOKS

  • Emphasis on giving and charity work as an important part of wealth building.
  • In my other financial book reviews , I mentioned how Smart Money Woman was my favorite because of how relatable it was. These books resonated with me even more for obvious reasons: the stories were about Kenyans.


This review is not as detailed because I want you to pick these books up for yourselves. However, I’d like for us to gain financial literacy together so I’ll be hosting a small giveaway for two lucky readers. One of you will receive an e-copy of Making Cents while the other will receive an e-copy of Money Wise.

All you need to do is sign up to my newsletter and leave a comment down below sharing one financial goal you are working towards. Leave your email address and Instagram handles in the comments. I’ll share and reach out to the winners next Wednesday ! (29/07/20)


Thank you so much for stopping by .

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Hi Sharon,
Thanks for sharing your reviews on the books.
One of my financial goals is to ensure that I double the number of investments I currently have before the end of the year.
I am a huge fan of both Waceke & Rina, and I’ve been watching them on Youtube. I love their content. I’d like to read their books.
You can reach me via email at and @koi_wangugi_ on Instagram.

Hey Brenda. That’s a great goal. I wish you all the best with that !

Hey Brenda ! I’ll be sending you a copy of Making Cents ! Look out for the email 😊

Hi Sharon, great read as always! One of my financial goals is to honor a pledge I made at church that I haven’t been able to since last year. Few months left to the end of this year but I’m hopeful things can turn around and I can keep my promise. Also my birthday is on the 31st of this month so one of those books would be an awesome present!😄

Email address:
Instagram account: Ashika_Namdi

Hey Cindy !
I definitely want you to honor your pledge.

I will be sending you a copy of Money Wise ! Look out for the email coming soon 🙂 😃

Enjoy your birthday tomorrow 🤗

Hi Sharon, I am Michelle. 2020 has been a life changing year for me. I lost my job because of the pandemic and i was able to get that alone time and go into deep soul searching. I realized i had been really stagnant in my career space and I had nothing to cushion my finances when i lost my job. I have been reading and listening to many videos to financial freedom. My first financial goal is to build an emergency fund with at least 6 months worth of my living expenses. I haven’t read any of the books and would really appreciate. Thank you

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